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"Single mothers & their children should never battle breast cancer alone"



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After conquering breast cancer as a single mother and without extended health benefits, I developed a program to support women & children battling breast cancer who haven't the rescourses available.


We are excited to announce this new program, launching in partnership with Wellspring London


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There are very limited supports  for children to deal with thier parent going through cancer



View the video to better understand how social work therapy can help you get to the

other side of cancer as you re-build your emotional strength



 I Offer Single mother battling breast cancer & their children:

- Free counselling for those who do not have benefits


- Free hands on peer support before, during and after treatment


- Free referrals to local hoslitic practitioners


- A chance to win a retreat to Panama Central America



Coming in 2014

- Art Therapy


- Groups for Kids & their Mother's


My Pink Journey

In 2011 my worst fears were realized. After noticing a change in densityto my left breast I sought out a mammogram which diagnosed me with Stage 2 B triple positive Breast Cancer at age 36. I did not have a stable job and was going through a career transition on my own with 2 children and no benefits. As I confronted the numerous tests, chemotherapy and a mastectomy, I was lost in a whirlwind of panic and anxiety. I had to work during treatment and balance my children. I was unable to picture myself retiring or seeing my children grow up. My life plan no longer made sense. I became driven to fight and work harder than ever to realize the future I envisioned before cancer. To document my cancer journey I had photo shoots at each stage of treatment. I also had a body cast of my breasts before my mastectomy to remember my body. I coped by telling myself this was my second chance at life with a new body.

Chemotherapy erased my past life.I hid my cancer from my clients, co-workers and manager and only had 1 sick day. My friends and family came together to offer me an emotional safety net which allowed me to parent and work. As I walked by mirrors I did not recognize myself.

Working at the hospital made me comfortable in the medical environment and I laughed and found humour in each visit to the chemo suite. Nurses would laugh at me working and scheduling clients as I received up to 8 hours of chemotherapy with ice gloves and ice slippers. I was amazed at our medical system and all the compassion and support our front line medical staff offer.

In October 2012 I began the reconstruction process which will be completed in the fall of 2013. Now I walk by the mirror and giggle at my cleavage and blonde curls. Cancer made me appreciate the small things.

I began to realize that the long term effects of cancer treatments are life altering. I explored various treatments such as meditation, reiki, chiropractic, massage therapy and spiritual care to nurture my soul. I complimented this with seeking out a trainer to rebuild my body post cancer. I investigated organic and healthy foods to boost my immune system and slowly began to build the new me. I began to think of ways to give back the support I received. Due to the limited resources for single mothers and their children going through breast cancer I began to put together information to offer individual and group support. My children are eager to help and support children facing what they conquered. I wanted to ensure single mothers and their children never felt alone battling breast cancer.