Love & Fear

Love & fear

With new love comes fear. As we mature, our previous experiences haunt us. When the pleasure of love hits, the fear of losing it is intense. The intensity of finding someone with whom you connect often makes you protect yourself against the risk of intense emotional pain. Our fear instinct is triggered when we feel rejection, anger or judgment. 


How can you balance these fears? 

  • Remind yourself to slow down and breathe. Understand the flutter in your stomach, tears in your eyes and inability to think logically, is your soul protecting itself from pain. 
  • Use positive self-talk to remind yourself that a relationship does not define you, but compliments your life experiences. Repeat you are worthy of love. 
  • Develop healthy boundaries that balance your senses. Enjoy being in the moment with your new love, but make time for yourself to affirm you are ok alone. 
  • Forgive yourself for previous relationships. Give back the pain, shame and guilt to those situations. Break ups are painful. Let your soul trust a new person through their actions then words.
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