Thank you so much Emily for helping me through the rough part of my life. I am forever grateful.

“I have to thank Emily for being the person across the room from me when I knew I needed to talk to someone who knew nothing about my life. I had just found out that my spouse had been leading a double life, and had left them, and my best friend was dying with numerous different types of cancer. 

Emily listened to everything I was feeling and she gave me the greatest advice on how to find my happiness again. Emily gave me "homework" to do, which I shared with my closest of friends who agreed with every thing she said to me. When my best friend passed Emily was the one I called to talk it through on how to best work through my grief. Without her assistance my world would have hit rock bottom with no sight on how I would be able to crawl out of it. 
When I found out about Emily's own battle I felt absolutely ashamed to be sitting across from her crying about my friend who had just passed, and feeling so insensitive. The professionalism, and compassion that she showed just accentuates the strength as a person she has. Her exact words to me were " this is what I do, I am here to help you through your tough times, regardless of what I'm going through, this is what I am here for." I will never forget that. It may have just been a few months that I saw Emily, but those visits are what helped me find myself again, the new self, the happy and extremely grateful self. Without her help I wouldn't have been able to even think about moving forward, and now my life is amazing. 
There are often times I've wondered how Emily was, and thought about making an appointment just to tell her thank you. I hope she realizes that even a few moments of her time can make a difference to someone." 
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