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"The Pursuit of Misery?" Beeckmans explains to the  Gazette how mental issues may cause difficutly to finding inner peace and happiness:



"Ignite Cancer shines light on cancer" Emily shares her cancer journey as a single mom with the Londoner:



Reporter Bonnie Guan interviews with Emily and her children "Emily Beeckmans: The Story behind the Film"


CTV Interview: Breast Cancer Survivor Wins Prize for Short Film!



CTV London talks with  Emily about the Youville / Facebook world coming to an end:


Media Partners "Vote for Emily / Toronto Breast Fest" - "Mom has Cancer"

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Rogers Daytime TV, February 10, 2014 - Emily Beeckmans appears with her children to talk  about creating the short file "Mom has Cancer" - click:



Rogers Daytime TV, January 29,2014 with Ken Eastwood and Christine Taleski - click:




103.1 Fresh FM, February 3, 2014 with Toni Ross. "Toni from 1031FM radio chats with Emily Beeckmans about the Toronto Breast Fest competion and "Mom has Cancer" - click:

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The Londoner, February 6, 2014 with Dog Biggs. "Single mom fights through breast cancer" - click:




Metro News, January 31, 2014 with Scott Taylor. "London breast cancer survivor sharing strength, hope on film" - click:





London Free Press, February 7, 2014 with Joe Belanger. "Breast cancer survivor Emily Beeckmans with son Jared, 15, and daughter Tia, 11, who all appear in the short film Mom Has Cancer where they talk about the impact of breast cancer on Beeckmans" - click:



 Thanks to Rogers TV, Fresh FM, Metro News, The Londoner and the London Free Press!


Click to see the video of Emily and the team at Body Worx successfully complete the Warrior Dash held in London, summer 2014:






In Emily's advocacy to gain awareness about cancer and its' affects on single parents, their children and caregivers,

Emily spoke with Rogers TV:


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