Children -Youth - Families



 The stress and competing demands of daily life often results in children & youth feeling anxious, depressed & lost



• I offer a safe place for children to deal with challenges at home, with friends, and at school. 


• I am knowledgeable about the local communtiy services and educational system and offer local                                     

  referrals to assist your children and family to obtain the services necessary to achieve optimal mental health.


• I offer parent coaching to understand and support your children and youth through life challenges.


• I bring the family together to promote positive and supportive communication skills that facilitate a healthy and balanced  home life.







Assisting children and youth with:





separation & divorce


life changes & stress


anxiety & depression 


sensitivity & special gifts                                               


medical challenges   


self harm, cutting  


anger management




social skills


emotional skills


mental health challenges                                                                                    

trauma & abuse




death & grief


sexual identity 


parental mental & physical disabilities