Crisis Intervention    


Critical Incident Stress Management

Qualified CISM Provider for Individual & Group Crisis Intervention



I respond to:


• Factory Accidents

• Employee deaths on and off the Work Site


• Company and Government Downsizing, Restructuring or Closures                                                                        

• Terminations

• Natural and Workplace Disasters

• Victimization

• Catastrophic Accidents and Events

• Suicides

• Work Place Acute Mental Health Challenges

• Support dealing with challenging clients, patients & staff



I coach management about how to support their employees and how to access local resources so they can support mental health in the workplace. The goal of my intervention is to offer the company, management and employees support and guidance to get through a crisis and to enhance recuperation. I offer proven strategies to intervene with those suffering the ill effects of their exposure to trauma by using advanced defusing and debriefing in complex situations and have specialized training to support people who have experienced a trauma or a natural disaster that impacts the workplace. I offer group and individual debriefing and psycho education about the body and mind response to trauma.