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Physical activity is an important element for good health. Body Worx customized my training to optimize my well being and strength as I recovered from cancer.




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I started training with Tania Admans at Body Worx to gain back my strength after cancer. She customized my training and nutrition to optimize my well-being and strength. She had extensive knowledge about the impact of illness, treatment and surgery on the body. She is an amazing trainer and personal motivator. Tania’s programs are cheaper than larger gyms and offer personalized care. We are in the process of developing a wide range of joint programs to offer body and soul support for lifelong healthy living.


Our services are tax deductible as a medical expense or may be eligible against your health benefits




Coaching for Emotional Eating


What emotional and lifestyles barriers interfere with your ability to lose weight and maintain a healthy body. We will explore common barriers to weight loss and body maintenance as a group as well as offer coaching to give you the drive to continue your healthy lifestyle. We will offer individual sessions to process issues in your life that interfere with your body goals. Emotional healing will uncover how you perceive food. This will enable us to develop customized coping skills to allow your mind to see food as fuel and exercise as energy. The result a balanced mind and body to promote optimal health and happiness.



Coming in 2014!


Anxiety Reduction  


Talk therapy & physical exercise, customized to blend body and mind exercises to reduce anxiety. Groups will be small and welcoming. We will lead this group based on research and proven techniques as well as our own personal experience with anxiety.



Healing Circles


Explore your barriers to happiness. Join us to heal your mind to embrace your optimal health.





Learn how to control your fight or flight response through rhythmic breathing and self-talk to reduce anxiety and offer clarity to your days. Weight loss & Maintenance Groups or Individual Coaching





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