Work Place Conflict Resolution & Negotiations   

I offer a free consultation to explore with you how I can support your work site with a wide range of work site interventions to assist management and Human Resources to resolve conflicts in a cooperative and empowering manner

Supporting Human Resources with investigation and recommendations to optimize employee satisfaction, cooperation and productivity, I have expertise in negotiating the emotions involved in office politics to the advantage of both the employers and employees coaching management and staff to develop emotional intelligence and political savvy working with a variety of challenging personalities.

The result is positive and productive work relationships that allow staff to reach their full potential.

Offering your workplace the most current therapeutic support about the bio-psychosocial phenomenon of psychological trauma to assess and respond supportively to conflict and change, I have theoretical and practical understanding of stress, and its effects on the work rehabilitation process. I can offer feedback to Human Resources about what an employee needs to reintegrate positively and productively back to work.



Please feel free to ask for references to assess how I can assist your work site.